Statement of Purpose

New contractual arrangements from 01.04.2014 stated that Practices should make available a Statement of Intent in relation to certain I.T. developments.

This document is the Statement of Intent for The Fountain Medical Centre and shows the facilities that are/or will be available to our patients by 31.03.2015.  These facilities are an important step in expanding our patients involvement in their own care and improving accessibility of information.

Electronic Appointment Booking:

Since April 2010 we have provided an electronic system to book GP appointments and encourage everyone to use it.

On-Line Repeat Prescription Ordering:

Since April 2010 we have provided an electronic system to order your repeat prescriptions and encourage everyone to use it.

Electronic Prescribing Service:

Since June 2014 this facility enables your ‘paper’ prescription to go electronically to the pharmacy of your choice.  You have to sign up with your pharmacy to enable this service to work.  Ordering of repeat medication remains the same.

Referral Management:

All NHS clinical correspondence generated by the Practice has to include NHS numbers ensuring sufficient and accurate patient identification.  This is something we have done for a number of years now.

Interoperable Records

  • Summary Care Records: Since January 2013 we have been ensuring daily automated uploads of any changes to a patient’s summary information.  This summary care record contains medications, allergies and adverse reactions.  From September 2014 the Summary Care Record Viewer for temporary patients and new patients (before full registration) will be available for clinicians to use.  This will only be viewed in emergency or urgent care settings and with the explicit consent of the patient unless the patient is unable to give their consent.


  • GP2GP: Following training we started to use this facility on 16th September 2014.  This will enable electronic transfer of your medical records when a patient registers or de-registers.  The Practice’s clinical computer system is fully compliant with GP2GP but does depend upon the receiving practice’s computer system.


  • Access to Medical Records: We will, by March 2015, utilise the facility for you to view on line, export or print any summary information from your records relating to medication, allergies, adverse reactions and any other items agreed between you and the GP.  Once the Practice’s administrative and clinical team have received training and we have tested the facility for robustness and ensured that it is working effectively, we will provide our patients with access to their summary record.